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#VoteTheDream Challenge

Otis' Dream tells one story of an African American who in 1946, was determined to make America live up to its promise of representative government as he set out to cast his first vote. However, we know that their are many more heroic stories in families across America that deserve to be told.

The #VoteTheDream Challenge was created to provide the opportunity for those stories to be shared. Over the next several weeks share with your friends on social media your experience with voting, your inspiration for voting, or a hero in your family. 

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We challenge you to post a 15 to 30 second video on social media with the hashtag #VoteTheDream and say “I am voting this year to honor (fill in name here of a family member or ancestor) to honor Otis’ Dream.” Or, say "My (family member)  was denied the right to vote, so this year I vote in his/her honor.”


You can also participate in the #VoteTheDream Challenge by sharing a story of your first time voting, or sharing a story of a family member denied the right to vote. Place the hashtag #VoteTheDream on all your posts.


Please tag someone on social media, encouraging them to #VoteTheDream, and challenge them to post a story.

Sample Social media posts:

Tweeter: This year I will #VoteTheDream for ( _______________________  list city and state) @om3 @TrinityChicago 

IG: #VoteTheDream (share a picture of a historical figure or family member you will honor with your vote.) @otismossiii

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